West Newsmagazine Feature

West Newsmagazine Feature

The bar at Kemoll’s Chop House in West Port is where happy hour happens from 3:30-8:30 p.m. Monday-Saturday.
Mark Cusumano is loving life at Westport Plaza – a life driven by Kemoll’s Chop House, the celebrated St. Louis restaurant his grandmother opened back in 1927.

“I love this space and I love the way it turned out,” Cusumano said. After 30 years of operation in downtown St. Louis, Kemoll’s began planning its move to West County nearly a year ago. Such a move might have worried some restaurateurs but not Cusumano, who credits Kemoll’s ability to change as key to its success and the secret to its longevity.

“We began as a little tavern, then a family restaurant before we expanded and knocked out the walls and became a gourmet restaurant in the 1970s. We then moved downtown to the Top of the Met, now we’re here at Westport. I know my grandmother, Mrs. Kemoll, would approve and would be proud of the place and the menu,” Cusumano said.

Kemoll’s menu also has changed a bit – shifting the spotlight to steaks and chops along with favorites that customers have enjoyed for decades.

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