Fox 2 – Rebranding

Fox 2 – Rebranding

Traditional Italian restaurant rebrands as chophouse

Owner Mark Cusumano and Executive Chef Don Tadlock from Kemoll’s join us to talk about their rebranding and reopening as Kemoll’s Chop House.

His grandmother founded Kemoll’s as a confectionary. When people started asking for lunch, she expanded it into a restaurant serving classic Sicilian dishes. Since 1927, Kemoll’s has served countless locals, sports figures and celebrities. With more people ordering chop menu items than the classic Italian ones, Cusumano made the decision to rebrand as a chophouse.

For the past 30 years, Kemoll’s has been operating out of the 40 and 42 floors at Met Square. However, along with the rebranding, they moved to a more manageable location in Westport (the old Dierdorf & Hart’s restaurant).


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